14th Annual Congress of Applied Drama - GLOBAL EDUCATION: TEACHING BODY, SOUL AND MIND

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14th Annual Congress "Teaching Through the Arts"
Introducing: New Roles, New Challenges.

What we surely know about this era is that certainties we have had until now, are no longer so certain. We are participants and witnesses to a global change in many structures we belong to. Therefore, we are invited by the circumstances to modify the roles within which we develop and evolve as professionals in order to be ready for this utter transformation.

Since the speed of movement is sometimes so fast that we cannot even perceive it, we propose a space to reflect upon it together: Join us in our 14th Annual Congress - "Teaching Through the Arts".

Educating through the arts invites us to see this change as an opportunity to engage in a different relationship with knowledge. In the era of massive information, it is vital for us to regain the use of our body as a tool to communicate feelings and thoughts. The unstoppable transformation of social structures requires, more than ever, the constant stimulation of creativity with the aim of achieving efficient problem-solving skills. Tolerance and empathy need to be worked on consistently and on a daily basis, if we want to have any chance of making a difference in a world that at times seems to be governed by greed and competition.

We will dive into different kinds of roles which are suffering this modification. Discussion will include the importance of understanding teachers as resource providers, learning facilitators, classroom supporters and constant learners themselves.

For generations, being a student meant being the passive recipient of scarce information. As we assist the time of free, unlimited access to endless amounts of all sorts of information, we need to rediscover 21st century-students’ expectations.
We commit ourselves to provide you with a bunch of tools that will surely strengthen and enrich your performance in the classroom.

Let's face this challenge together!

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