13th Annual Congress of Applied Drama - GLOBAL EDUCATION: TEACHING BODY, SOUL AND MIND

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February 13th & 14th

Man is a social being by nature and undergoes processes of intellectual and emotional formation throughout his life. For that reason he evolves within society. As education has suffered a huge transformation lately, it does not only concern schools and universities. The environment in which we grow up interferes in our upbringing to a great extent. As the result of being constantly bombarded with information by mass-media, we are now living in an era of hyper-communication and continuous interaction with multiculturalism. This reality is evidently reflected in the classroom. 
With the use of new information and communication technologies in education the teacher, who previously had an hegemonic role, has become a facilitator of learning. Educating through the arts may have a great impact on the development of a comprehensive human being. Teaching through the arts means plunging into a world of knowledge made up of different disciplines that convey sense through specific languages.

Therefore it ends up being a way of learning that allows us to integrate art with culture and education. Education through the arts seeks developing and maximizing sensitivity, aesthetic experience, creative thinking and expression.
From our experience in Applied Drama we firmly believe that education through the arts provides students a greater interaction with their environment. Beyond the differences in eras, cultures and social groups, art allows feelings and emotions to come out, thus keeping violence at bay.
Aware as we are of the complexity of the learning process and taking into account the amount of biological, emotional and social factors involved, we promote this meeting place with a humanistic approach and a focus on the principles of inclusive education in an attempt to respond to the diversity of students’ needs. Cultural and artistic activities make them actively take part in learning, reduce exclusion inside and outside the educational system and allow teachers to achieve a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom.

"SCHEDULE 2015".
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