11th Annual Congress of Applied Drama - GLOBAL EDUCATION: TEACHING BODY, SOUL AND MIND

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Patricia Zorio
English and Applied Drama teacher

February 14th & 15th

Advances in technology and the fast-developing minds of the students in the XXI century have pushed educators towards the implementation of new tools that cater for a multitasking learner. Worried about keeping up with technologically adapted students, we devote long hours of our “free” time to find an attractive site / useful software or to create interesting online practice for our children and adolescents.
This is the duty of an updated teacher nowadays. Right. However, eager to teach those students…aren´t we leaving emotions and values aside? Do we devote time of our lessons to empower them with those other tools that will make them successful leaders and better adults in the future?
For, as well as technology, they will need to acquire communication skills to succeed in their careers. They will also need to develop their emotional intelligence, empathy and interpersonal relationships.
And they will definitely need to be able to identify their emotions, foster the positive ones and dominate the others.
Without the shadow of a doubt, the Arts, particularly Applied Drama , have proved to be a precious educational resource to help  students become the men and women that a competitive world needs, as it is through dramatic activities , for instance, that an educator can teach values such as trust, respect, boldness,  adaptability, patience, generosity, enjoyment, creativity and determination , among others.
These principles are essential to maintain unity, harmony and coherence within the class and / or working environment. Therefore, as teaching through the Arts involves making the student be responsible for their own decisions, sharing with and understanding others, interacting while accepting divergence, it is also our duty to adopt a humanistic perspective that will give them the tools they need to be, beyond the English class, good people and citizens.

"SCHEDULE 2014".
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Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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