BA Players

was born as the first professional company to produce educational plays in English in Argentina. Since 1992 we have been showcasing plays aimed at, written and developed for different age groups and academic levels. BAP wants to give children and adolescents the opportunity to enjoy our shows, work with our material and live an experience that will awaken their motivation to learn and fully comprehend the English Language.
More than 30 years sharing over one hundred magical productions all over the country and abroad have given us the experience to successfully merge the theatrical experience with language education. In return, we are rewarded with the enthusiasm of our audiences and the gratitude of teachers all over the country.
Designed to amuse, entertain and educate, each play has a moral that strengthens important values.
All our plays include complementary material to integrate the theatrical experience with classroom work before and after watching the shows.
Furthermore, every year during the month of Februrary, we host our Annual Congress "Teaching Through The Arts". The purpose of this event is to provide passionate teachers with innovative educational tools.

Why Educational Theatre?

Educational Theatre is for the passion-driven teacher, the educator who truly wants to make a difference by inspiring their students to learn the English Language through the use of the performing Arts. Since 1992 we have been the first Company to produce Educational Plays in English. Over 30 years performing more than 106 productions have allowed us to create a magical and unforgettable experience on stage, off stage and in the classroom.

Declared to be of National Cultural Interest by the "Secretaría de Cultura y Comunicación de la Presidencia de la Nación"


Celia Zubiri

Celia Zubiri (1945 - 2010) dedicated more than 30 years to developing educational tools in English by writing more than 20 books and 70 plays; she has been considered the first and most important playwright in English in Argentina. Her passion is our mission: to educate and motivate English learners through the performing arts.

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